Aromatherapy – This soothing treatment uses essential oils to clean and detoxify you naturally. Add the infra-red sauna for an extra special treat!

Access Consciousness – Begin to let go of your tension, stress and grief. Start being present in life and live without judgement.

Bach Flower RemediesDr. Bach believed in order to treat the disease or illness you needed to treat the person.  Through the use of 38 flower remedies very subtle results can be found.  Complete your own self assessment and a remedy can be created especially for you. 

Polarity Therapy – One session starts to relieve those stress points through rocking, accupressure points and balancing the elements. Great for migraines, back pain, carpal tunnel, knee pain and so much more.

Reflexology – Your feet reflect your entire body. By applying focused pressure to certain points, better health and relaxation are promoted. Give your feet a treat!

Reiki – This treatment balances the energies in your body, diminishes the stress and gives a feeling of overall health and wellbeing. Nice!

What else? Often included in a session are tuning forks, suggestions for meditation, chakra balancing and crystals to enhance your healing.

All photography from the Denise Pouliot Collection.

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