Spring is such a promising time of year. The excitement of new life and regeneration fills our senses. It’s just in the air. Spring is a time to clear out closets, shake up your system, and get ready for the warm weather soon ahead. This is also a great time to cleanse the inner self, physically and emotionally.

Buried feelings effect each person differently. This emotional energy can cause physical dis-ease, temperamental reactions, affect relationships and situations, and can even depress one’s financial status.

When addressing physical symptoms, many recommend starting with detoxification and Spring is an ideal time for this. A great way to cleanse body toxins is with a Raindrop Therapy™ session because it clears the lymph system and boosts its performance. Please contact me for more information on how Raindrop Therapy™ can benefit you.

When an emotional time presents itself, take a moment to diffuse an oil, use a few drops in your bath or even dab it on your body’s pressure points. Oil molecules will absorb through the skin into your bloodstream, and make their way to the limbic system. Once soothed, this “flight, fight or freeze” brain segment won’t play havoc with your emotions and you’ll calm down. Remember though, a few drops are all you need when it comes to using these powerful oils and always use caution when putting them on your skin. Some are so strong that, unless mixed with a carrier oil, they can burn. By using carrier oils such as olive, sunflower or safflower, you won’t risk overuse. For best results, please contact me and I’ll create a custom blend especially for your personal needs.

Here are some suggestions on using essential oils for emotional balancing:

Agitation: lavender, rose, ylang ylang or bergamot
Frustration: roman chamomile, lemon, thyme
Restlessness: bergamot, basil, lavender

How does it get any better than that?

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