snowflakeRecently, I had a client come in complaining about her lack of energy. She feels tired and sluggish all the time. Exercising and drinking her daily water has been close to impossible. While we laughed at her discovery of new TV shows and blaming them for being the reason for all of her New Year’s resolution downfalls, we eventually concluded that a change needed to happen.

Let’s face it, most of us overeat during the holidays, it’s just a fact. The new year comes around and we intend to eat healthy, exercise and be happy all the time, but the reality is, it isn’t that easy! Cold weather and short days make staying home on the couch look pretty attractive.

My advice? Take it one step at a time. Start your day with lemon juice in warm water. It’s a great way to begin alkalizing your body and to get your digestion revved up for the day. Water is a great cleanser and you need to drink it but why not enhance the taste by adding cucumber or lime to it?

If you are finding exercise difficult, start it slow by moving around a little more often during the day. Vow to get up from your chair and walk around at work- or the house- every so often. You will feel better just getting up and moving. Comfort food is everywhere. Keeping it in moderation is really the answer. Resist that second helping!

I have to mention that the infrared sauna and a Raindrop session work wonders for rejuvenation. The special heat from the infrared sauna pulls toxins to the surface so they can be rinsed away. The specific essential oils used in a Raindrop session will release viruses, boost the immune system and re-adjust body alignment.

What can I say? It is amazing. This is a great way to do something for yourself and get you feeling better and rejuvenated. Happy Winter!

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